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Sanity Bypass is Paul Massey, a classically trained musician from Luton, Bedfordshire who sold his soul to the dark side of music - rock, punk and pop.


This website highlights some of his music, side projects and the lighter side of being a musician in these torrid times of production line music where marketeers rule the roost rather than talented musicians. There are still plenty of great artists and bands out there but unfortunately they are not getting heard so much as they don't fit the right criteria for the TV reality show moguls - very sad.

Paul works with many of these talented musicians and may feature them from time to time on this website but check out the blog if you want all the latest news, fun and sarcastic articles!

We hope you enjoy this website and enjoy the music, the fun on the blog and perhaps even support a real musician by purchasing some of his music - it's awesome!

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He posts music in progress, projects he undertakes with other singers and songwriters as well as funny, often tongue in cheek articles about life in general.

Paul Massey Sanity Bypass rock pop punk music from Luton Bedfordshire