sanity bypass history

Sanity Bypass was formed in winter 2013 by Paul Massey to enable him to write and release music of his own as well as collaborative efforts with other singers and songwriters*.


Originally Paul was going to release a debut album with the band Keetah who were very popular on the local scene throughout the 1990's but this became protracted and seemed like it would not happen quickly enough for Paul.  He decided he would 'go it alone' and, after equipping a brand new digital recording studio, formed Sanity Bypass which would allow him to release whatever music in whatever style he wanted.

Throughout his band days Paul tended to stick to playing keyboards and only ventured out up front with a guitar on the odd occasion as he never really took too much time out to learn guitar. Now that he was going it alone he started writing his music on guitar rather than synths to force him into becoming a better guitarist as well as stopping him playing full on electronic music. The debut album backs this up with it's emphasis on rock rather than electronic music.

* In August 2015 Sanity Records was formed to allow Paul to work with other musicians on collaborative creations as well as offering a number of services including consultation, song releases and more.

paul massey biography

Paul was born in Greens Norton, near Towcester in Northamptonshire before moving to Birmingham for his toddler years and then down to Luton where he has pretty much remained. It was obvious that Paul was going to be involved in music in some form or another from a very early age as he often amused himself making tunes and rhythms from all manner of things from glass bottles to empty bean cans. In his early teens he began to learn the trumpet at school and it was not long before he earned a scholarship to Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Barbican, London.

Although Paul was a very talented young classical musician he soon felt the desire to make the jump to the darker side as some may say. He did not really fit in at Guildhall as he found it all very stuffy and full of posh kids. He often found himself in trouble for wearing Dr Martens boots, which made a terrific sound when he was tapping his feet while playing in the orchestra. In fact, it was when he was moved from 1st trumpet down to 3rd trumpet (which was further away from the conductor who disliked Paul) that he thought 'F**k this, I am being put into the easier parts because I am away from the conductor rather than because of my talent'. Adding to that fact he was also lambasted for forming a little pop group that played rock/pop in the practice rooms during their breaks that he knew it was not for him at all. His parting farewell was to pass all of his practical and theory exams when he was told he had no hope because he was not learning 'real' music.

Paul went on to play in various rock bands for fun after leaving school but it was not until the 1990's that he found his true vocation when he teamed up with Llanelli lad Kevin White and formed the band Keetah.

More recently the boys met up again and went out live for a couple of reunion gigs as shown in the pictures above and right. The guys even performed a few original songs penned by Paul which went down very well indeed. It is not beyond comprehension that the boys will go out and perform under the Sanity Bypass banner and perform all the songs from the first album along with a few of their popular cover versions!

Paul is presently in the studio writing and recording tracks for the second album called 'Glow' as well as being involved in many other exciting artistic projects with the new independent record label - Sanity Records.